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2014 started badly. Now I’m picking up the pieces to get back to where I was. I’m pushing my boundaries along the way and challenging my beliefs. I might be 32 but this is my beginning.

I can’t promise you this will be full of hope and inspiring stories but what it will be is honest, realistic and (hopefully) informative.

January – My relationship of 11 years ended. I was forced to relocate and lost my job.
February – I had lost 2 stone since December. Made a very good friend. Entered therapy.
March – I had lost 4 stone since December. Gained and lost a job 😦
April – I got a job! I’ve kept this one!
May – I confronted my Mother over her abuse of me as a child. I turned 32 years old.
June – I have now lost 6 stone and 10 pounds!
July –

Below are a selection of photos of me:

20140609-232605-84365573.jpgMy first Christmas with my Dad.

20140609-232627-84387616.jpgMy first holiday again with my Dad and my Mum is behind him in black.

20140609-232701-84421371.jpgAged 2 in my dungarees.

20140609-232735-84455435.jpgChristmas aged 5. My Mum is in the green. My Uncle was Santa.

20140610-213945-77985981.jpgMe aged 30 and at my largest.

20140615-121731-44251014.jpg My Mum at Christmas 2006.

20140615-121759-44279171.jpg My Dad also Christmas 2006. The last one we spent as a family.

20140615-122016-44416304.jpg Me asleep on a coach trip to Italy in 1999.

20140615-122046-44446036.jpg Christmas 2009. We had just lost my Dad. On the left is my Aunty who now suffers with dementia and on the right is my Aunty (Nan) both my Dad’s sisters.

This is me aged about 7 in London.

Me after 7 stone and 8 pounds weight loss. Still only half-way there.

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