Here…but what for?


Many of us feel we have a book in us. When you think about it and actually sit down to write it that is where it ends for most of us.

I made a new friend recently. It was surprisingly easy. I am aware of how cold and calculating that could sound. Perhaps arrogant?

We often feel as though making friends is daunting or hard work. Then we console ourselves with the fact that it will just happen. We never go out and actively pursue friends.

This was my experience. As you may have picked up from these blogs things have changed dramatically in my life recently. It is with no shame I admit to going to hunt out friends. I was completely alone and desperate for human interaction. I think I got very lucky.

Many of us feel unable to make friends. Either we are Ill-equipped to make friends or there is something wrong with us. It’s a very common belief and it is also surprisingly held by a lot of teenagers. We look at them with such envy sometimes but we forget what it was like to actually be one.

The friend that I made a few weeks ago this week surprised me with the revelation that they are actually writing a book. It got me thinking.

While their enthusiasm in my eyes was a mixture of admirable and foolish I couldn’t help but feel a pang of jealousy. I think it may be why I decided to start writing here.

The moral of the story for us is to face our fears. Go out and make those friends. Write what you think you can. We each one of us think we have a book in us. Maybe for some of us the reality is more a magazine…or a blog?


Anything to add? Feel free.

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