Us and Them: 他們和我們/ihnen und uns/eux et nous/my i oni/لهم ولنا


We blog to connect to others that we don’t know.

Why would you want to connect to people we don’t know? Our instinct is to be social I suppose. Perhaps we assume we have things of value to say? Is it our misguided attempt at sharing the little knowledge we have gained in our short time here?

What do we really learn from others? Do we tend to allow ourselves to be preached at by those with whom we already agree? Can it really be that someone from the other side of the political divide will be mute to us?

Why would we want to reach out to others in blogs and Twitter if not to have them agree with us? Then in turn is not ironic that we are deaf to those who share opinions and views that we disagree with?

I try to take my news from a variety of sources. Some of these sources anger me. I read them, absorb them and move on to another source. I often find people stick to the same news source. They trust it. The believe it.

Here in the UK as well as other countries we have started to become in serious danger of losing real news to opinion. Papers have started to treat opinion as news, especially in the world of celebrity. I touch on celebrity yesterday in another post so I won’t go back over old ground here.

It is commonly held knowledge that we form our political views around the ages of 18 to 21 and that as we get older our politics become more conservative (or right wing if you prefer).

Which really does raise the question again. Who are we reaching out to? Those that agree with us? Those that disagree with us are likely to just get angry and skip what we write or leave a nasty comment.

My best guess on this is that we blog because we care. Perhaps we care about other people and wanting to help them. Perhaps we care about ourselves and being popular. Perhaps we care because the alternative is a world where no stranger reaches out to another and once again we end up as we started. A tribe desperate to destory and take the village of another.

Is our battle to blog just our way of showing how much we have evolved? That we can now offer more to others than our instinct tells us we should try to take away from them. After all for many of us we still treat the world as though it is us and them.



Anything to add? Feel free.

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