Happy State of Mind


Psychologists say that if we listen to happy or sad music on the way to work in the morning it can influence our mood for the entire day.

How simple are we that this can possibly be true? I’ve tried it though & there is a certain element of truth in the research in my experience. Certainly more upbeat songs or songs with a higher tempo have carried me into work with a smile and enthusiasm in the past. I would also concur that the opposite is true of sad songs and ballads.

What this adds more weight to is the argument of the impact of our environment on us. We may not even realise our dwelling is having an impact on our mood. We could be unaware that the state of the interior of our car is a reflection of our mind. We may also not realise that the people who we live with and allow into our lives have further impact than just immediate frustration or inconvenience.

Would we all be happier if we surrounded ourselves with positive influences? Can it really be that simple? We have all witness those in times of grief who have ended up in a situation of great joy or celebration and crumpled under the emotion and guilt of it all.

Perhaps we can be influenced by these minor things only if our default is neutral at the time. Though again research has shown that laughter is the best medicine for people who are seriously ill. What it really says about us is that we are not as complicated as we like to think we are.

There are those who would seek to take advantage of this ease of influence. Our triggers are set off all the time by sales people and marketing all the time. It raises a lot of questions about people and companies with ulterior motives.


Anything to add? Feel free.

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