Inspirational Art: Song Lyrics


Our attention is grabbed. We aren’t even looking to be distracted or pulled into it. We find ourselves relating to it completely.

Yeah it’s easy to throw you under the bus or call you crazy while filling my cup. I say these things to hurt you but I only hurt myself. Oh I can only take responsibility for me. It takes two. Two sides to every sides to every story. Not just you. I can’t keep ignoring. I admit half of it. I’m not that innocent.

I can relate to this hugely. Not just in my current situation but in various relationships in life. Pretty powerful lyrics for anyone who has had a relationship that has broken down or that is breaking down.

Song lyrics will grab us by the throat and catch us off guard. They will resonate with us for a long time. We all have a particular song or lyric that we can relate to. Equally as strong is when there is a slight difference of the word used in a lyric with what we feel. In my case I often find the use of god will stop me relating fully to a song (just a personal belief) but for others it can be a feeling they didn’t feel in that situation or an action that didn’t occur. We can then completely disconnect from the entire song.

When it is pin point accurate though a songs lyrics can be like a comfort blanket. We will find ourselves going back to it and becoming completely attached to it. Sometimes perhaps even a little obsessed.

You took a poisoned arrow and you aimed it at my heart. It’s heavy and it’s bitter and it’s tearing me apart. If only I could set you free. You worked your way inside of me. It’s amazing what a boy can do. I cannot stop myself. Wish I didn’t want you like I do. Want you and no one else.

I have my favourite artists as I am sure we all do. They may not be to everyone (or anyone) else’s taste. Sometimes we feel people just “get” us. There is a reason that a generation of people who feel detached from society have chosen Lady Gaga as their “Mother Monster” or that strong independent women (and men) have chosen Beyonce as a role model and icon. Each appeals to something in us. A need we have that needs fulfilling. The recent habit of naming groups of fans (Belibers, Little Monsters, Kitty Kats or one of the many others) is a further attempt by an artist to reach out to their fans. In some small way to give them a piece of themselves.

We have a connection to a song or a lyric that draws us in originally to someone. The artist then reaching out can pull us in further. When an artist betrays that vision that we hold of them though things can rapidly fall apart. Most major artists have had misfires. As I said before they fulfil a need in us or an empty space that needs occupying. Betray that and there are consequences. There is hope for redemption though. Lyrics that then go on to be personal and share the intimate details of an artists failures or disappointments can redeem them in the eyes of many. Who doesn’t like a phoenix that rises from the ashes?

I feel good, I walk alone but then I trip over myself and I fall. I, I stand up, and then I’m ok but then you print some shit that makes me wanna scream.

Of course there is always one or two who remain unrepentant…

You wouldn’t let me say the words I longed to say. You didn’t want to see life through my eyes. You tried to shove me back inside your narrow room and silence me with bitterness and lies.

I’ll let you take a stab at figuring out the songs and the artists (for those of you who can’t use Google, I’ll fill them in later)!
Comment below, tweet me or email. Why not share your favourite lyrics?


Anything to add? Feel free.

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