The Mysterious Case of The Angry Friend Who Once Loved


Our friends are very much a part of our life. We want to keep them sometimes no matter what the cost.

It occurs to me that we aren’t capable of being friends with those that see us as friends only. Having witnessed many scenarios where this has failed miserably and resulted in either stalking or “moment of weakness” sex. Those who make us the object of their affections cannot accept it when we rebuff them.

When we are at our lowest point the temptation to sleep with the friend, that we know has feeling for us, that we previously turned down is too much. I have heard stories of people realising in the middle of the act what an awful mistake they were making and bringing a swift end to the scenario. That is embarrassing for all concerned.

We are also unaware of the anger we can cause in those we previous spurned the advances of. It will hurt them that we love others and it will make them angry. Often in ways that result in us being confused by their behaviour.

If they are our friend why do they behave this way? The sad truth is once that line is crossed I am unaware of a single friendship that has survived it.


Anything to add? Feel free.

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