Trick Of The Mind: Part 1


Our brain is capable of holding two wildly different opinions on the same object or person. It can also trick you into hating something that in reality you liked or enjoyed.

Nowhere is this clearer than in adolescence. As the brain changes you can both love and loath parents or be completely in the dark about whether or not you are interested in someone at school.

This can cause a lot of doubt and confusion. It leaves us questioning which of our emotions is the correct one. It causes a great deal of stress. The reality is that both emotions are correct it is just that our brain at that time is struggling with the development of new parts of itself.

When it comes to tricking us about how we really felt in a given situation there can be no clearer example than having an enjoyable time or experience and someone ruining it with bad customer service. It clouds our opinion of the entire event. Either leaving us to hate it or sometimes to not even actually remember it. The bad parts can overwrite the good parts in our brain.

Another example of this was shown recently in a documentary on the BBC here in the UK.

If we lose £10 today then in order to go back to the neutral state we were in previously in our mind we would need to find £20 tomorrow. It’s the rule of double with money. We feel the loss greater than the gain.

We tend to remember and dwell on bad experiences more than good ones. Even when in reality it could be just one thing that soured the entire day. Perhaps we should focus on the good more?


Anything to add? Feel free.

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