Over Familiar Family Affairs


Our family is something we are encouraged to love often through religious expectations. Guilt can kick in when, try as we might, things never work between some family members.

Today I witnessed an argument between family members which at its very core was essentially the very same problem and concern. Both parties were so close to each other that they failed to see they wanted the same outcome but just were frustrated at the seemingly impossible task of achieving it.

Generation gaps and different opportunites can further exaggerate problems. What was once relatively easy to obtain a career in can now be hard. Everyone has different skills and rejection often takes a heavy toll on individuals. To survive in the world of work now is an endurance task.

Things were resolved between the family members here. Often though problems simmer beneath the surface and we always hurt the ones we love. Take a step back from stressful family situations. Often space and time is all we need.

I can’t recommend highly enough speaking in the cold light of day and without finger pointing. In these close knit situations we are often all pulling for the same winner but sometimes we go about placing our bets in different ways.

The pay off is exactly the same!


Anything to add? Feel free.

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