Helping Friends Help Themselves


We fill our lives with friends that are either chosen by us or who fall into our lives by way of a job or school.

What do we do when these friends that are new to us share something of themselves that sets off alarm bells? If these friends are new to us can we leap in? Must be wait and bide out time before offering help or bringing up the subject? Do we simply not get involved?

I recently made a friend who seems to have a number of problems. My entire relationship with my last partner was spent trying to rescue them and now I fear this could spread to this new friend. I am trying to stop myself.

Out friends lives and happiness does affect our own no matter how hard we try to brush those feelings aside. Their happiness makes their life better which makes them a better friend. Is it really as selfish as all that?

I have held my tongue while trying to listen to my new friend. On those occasions where I have shared my concern or tried to help it has been met warmly. I still feel like I am on crumbling ground but perhaps that is more to do with the fact that the rest of my life is so fragile?

I am letting the problems of the last 6 months bleed into everything around me and that must stop. Ultimately I just want to help someone. I just have to be careful not to let that stop me helping myself.


Anything to add? Feel free.

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