Sweet 16 Personality


Right off the bat here I should point out I do not believe in horoscopes and I would never suggest/recommend something on here that I didn’t fully believe in and from a logical perspective.

I discovered the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator a few days ago. I discovered my own personality type and have had some thoughts that have come out of that which I would like to share.

If you are wondering what this is then quite simply it is that we each belong to one of 16 different personality types.

Now I know that sounds crazy. Many of us feel we are unique and I do not wish to take that away from anyone. To a certain extent we are still unique however there are a lot of characteristics we share with people who belong to the same type as ourselves.

This blog cannot possibly cover the whole topic here in this post but I would encourage you all to go and take the test and read around your type before making a judgement.

My own reaction was to become upset in the first instance (I will share more about this in another post) before ultimately accepting the validity in the test and, more importantly, the results. These are not vague statements about personality as horoscope or tarot tends to be. There are logical and they will be very personal to you.

I will point you in the direction of further reading here.

If you do find the test and decide to take it then please (if you are brave enough) come back and share it here. Many examples of the test can be found online for free. I would encourage you to do several to ensure that you get an accurate result. I would also suggest that you may need some support if you do decide to take the test and read the results. In that scenario there can be no better site than this for support and advice.

Go into this with an open mind. The people in my life I have shown this to so far have had similar reactions to my own. This could be the ultimate key to what so many people call “finding themselves”.

If you do want further help and support after taking the test then again please come back and ask for it. I will help you all I can and for some personality types I have some free ebooks that are very in depth about how you can manage your relationships, careers and environment to get the best out of yourself.

Good luck!


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