Diet Product Review: April


Boots Dual Action Carb & Fat Control 60 Tablets (£25.99)

As I am now loosing weight consistently I thought I would review some products relating to weight loss.

I’m going to try this product for the next 2 weeks taking the recommended 2 tablets with a main meal. I have averaged out my weight loss over the past few months and will see if that increases over the next 2 weeks.

I’ll report in this time next week on my weight loss and we shall look at previous weight loss and any trends before a final review in 2 weeks on the overall product plus the final verdict on any additional weight loss attributed to this product.

This week I lost 4 pounds or 1.5kg. I would expect to see an additional 30% weight loss using this product as other similar products suggest with their use. So next week I would expect a loss of 2kg or 5 pounds.

As usual these should be taken as part of a balanced calorie controlled diet which includes regular exercise. This product should not be taken by anyone with a BMI of less than 18.5.



Anything to add? Feel free.

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