Self, Self, Self, Self and Me


Going into therapy it is easy to feel bad that all we discuss is ourselves. Our needs or problems. Our issues and challenges. We forget that it is our time to be selfish and to discuss ourselves, falling into the trap of discussing the problems of others and ultimately asking “is it me?”.

Today going to my therapy session I had known that today was especially about me. What I liked and disliked about myself. In the course if the week I discovered Myers-Briggs testing as well which is very much about yourself as an individual.

I had emailed my list ahead of the session. He focused on my perceived lack of empathy and we established it is not as bad as I had assumed. The practical reaction to things is very useful. So what if I can’t hug it out or talking about the sticky and messy subject of feelings?

I guess the point of this post is that it’s ok to think about yourself. It’s ok to be selfish. Not slyly or off in a corner on your own. Embrace what you need or how you feel about things. If you especially focus more often on the needs of others then take the time to focus on yourself. I know this is easier said than done. Society teaches us that being selfish is wrong.

I’m giving you permission to be selfish. We all need that permission from ourselves. Embrace the things you fear the most and never address about your life. Talk through with your partner your goals or dreams that have felt “selfish” up to now. Air it all and feel better about YOU.


Anything to add? Feel free.

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