Today the subject of perception came up. I’ve given this a lot of thought previously.

The society we live in is sick. It’s not sick from paedophiles, rapists, immigrants or murderers though. It is sick because of the way we have come to perceive the world around us. We think that there are men hiding around corners with big nets waiting to snatch our children. We think the immigrants have come for our jobs and homes. We need to stop with this madness.

It is the idea of “other”, the other race or the other man. Different. We fear it. Nothing motivates like fear. Over 40% of the very small number of registered paedophiles in the UK are on the sex offender list for viewing pornography. Now I am not saying that is ok but what I am saying is they aren’t out there in your community waiting for your children to come home from school.

We need to get a grip. Men are afraid to comfort a child that has fallen and hurt themselves and I myself was afraid of standing up for a bullied child in a locker room. There is no greater sickness in society today than the one we are inflicting upon it with our fear and paranoia.

We cannot continue to blame other people for the problem in our countries. We must look to ourselves first. It was our spending habits that caused the financial crisis not the fact that we give aid to foreign countries. We quickly forgave the banks for their actions. We seem so unwilling to forgive someone who came here for a better life as we ourselves have done all over the world. The British Empire was not some cute social experiment.

We have fled from this country to South Africa, Spain and New Zealand to name but a few places. Yet now people can come here and enrich our community we fear this? This is madness. Out government has failed us not multiculturalism. They failed to put the support network in for these new people and to reassure the existing ones.

If anyone truly believes that an immigrant goes to the front of the housing list then I’m afraid they simple aren’t in touch with the facts. If they believe that immigrants are claiming billions in benefits that is crippling the country then not only are they misguided but so is their anger.

£35 billion is owed to us as a country by our own businesses and residents in avoided taxes. Only £3.6 billion is lost on benefit errors of which just £1.2 billion is deliberate fraud. Job seekers allowance is a mere £5 billion compared to £80 billion in State Pension benefit. Other benefits (that is not housing benefit, pension credit or income support) total £45 billion.

What does this show? That even if immigrants are flooding the country they are hardly draining the country dry. If we collected all the unpaid tax we could fund job seekers allowance for the next 7 years alone.

It’s all a matter of perception…



Anything to add? Feel free.

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