Product Review: Jawbone Up! Band


I’ve been using this since August 2013. The product tracks your sleep and activity during the course of the day. It can also be used to record your food.

Retailing at around £99 the product is water resistant and can be worn in the shower. It carries a full charge of 10 days when charged via the USB adaptor provided. The product comes in several colours other than blue, including black and pink.

The free app is pretty stable and often adds new features. The front screen shows a summary of your day so far as well as a collection of goals or motivational facts on nutrition, exercise and sleep.

The sleep page shows you how many times you woke and how much light or deep sleep you had. The band itself wakes you at the optimal time in dream cycle to ensure you are refreshed and alert. No more fuzzy head mornings! The band features a power nap option as well which is used to get you some rest but wake up refreshed using the recommended 26 minutes of “power nap” time.

The activity page can be used to track our steps through the day but you can add additional exercise that you do to this manually. It will vibrates during the day at set intervals you can toggle. These vibrations remind you to get up and move around.

The food screen can be used directly from within the Up! App but if like me you already use another app then most of them can share data making this a very powerful tool when combined with the products you may already be using.

The band is comfortable to wear and after a few days you hardly notice it. It comes in 3 sizes which you can try out before you buy. The product can be bought directly from Jawbone online or the Apple store.

There are so many options and settings within this product and app that you can really make it work exactly for you. All the data can be extracted and analysed to look for patterns in your weight loss. The only down side here is the high price. It is a serious investment that really should be considered. The product works with both Apple and Android phones. The newer band also comes with wireless connectivity.


Anything to add? Feel free.

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