Product Review: MultiVit Spray


Be under absolutely no illusions! This stuff tasted like you licked the hand rail on the train. They have made a vague attempt to mask this with an artificial grape flavour but I still wouldn’t put it in the “nice” or “pleasant” category.

I’ve shown the break down of what is in 4 sprays (daily suggested amount of uses) for reference. To be fair it costs the same as their B12 spray but has 200% of that and all these other extras.

Currently priced at £9.99 in most online stores. There is an offer on at present of 20% off at Holland & Barratt making it £7.99. Great for those who hate taking tablets and handy for travelling.

Cut me some slack on the second photo the camera really didn’t want to focus properly on it!


Anything to add? Feel free.

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