Restaurant Review: Bosphorus (Cardiff Bay)


A friend and myself dined here on a Saturday afternoon in May 2014. It was used several times, in 2005, for an episode of Doctor Who.

I ate from the lunch menu which included two courses for £9.95. I choose for the starter stuff vine leaves which were nice enough. Served with a small salad and dressing. I couldn’t help but feel the leaves were drowning in oil. They were served with a delicious bread called Pide.

My fellow diner had lamb shank served with roasted vegetables and a creamy mash. He enjoyed his dish and the large portion didn’t seem to bother him much.

My main was a shish kebab of both lamb and chicken. Served with white rice, salad and a small square of flat bread. I couldn’t help but feel the portion was a little on the small side and the absence of sauce made the dish very dry. The meat was good quality however. The rice was uninteresting. The bread was oily and too little to be of much mention.

The restaurant offers great views over the bay should you choose to sit outside. The obvious downside is that people smoke in this area. In all the location is great and the food, for my taste, was average.



2 thoughts on “Restaurant Review: Bosphorus (Cardiff Bay)

    • I would say the lunch menu was cheap as the price suggested. Ordering off the main menu certainly seemed a better option. Mains range from £8.95 to about £13.95. The fish did smell very fresh (sea bass).

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