What Not To Say


Writers block. When we hit it it’s like a brick wall. I hit it today pretty hard. I felt as though I had a lot to say and yet somehow my mind was utterly blank. So what better thing to write about?

It’s not that I’m not inspired to write, I very much am. I desperately wanted to get something up for you guys. As I said previously, I felt as though I had/have something to say today. It’s frustrating. Inspiration has escaped me.

I had a good weekend. Pretty ordinary. Nothing especially eventful there. I shared those pictures with you all. A restaurant review will be up later from where I ate. You always are very appreciative of my photos. I doubt you would be interested in my shopping trip to Asda? There are only so many posts you can write about how much weight you lost this week (2kg) or last week.

Should I lower myself to cheat and write a review of the film I saw on Friday? Not sure I can justify a blog post on Godzilla. No matter how average it was 350 words on a giant Japanese fictional monster is a stretch for anyone. Perhaps I can hold out until I see X Men this week? Maybe Maleficent next week?

Perhaps I could write a blog post on my Nan being ill this past weekend? How I made her beef roast dinner from scratch yesterday. I really think I could lose some followers with that one. Perhaps even discuss how she ran a gambit of emotions when she was low, including becoming upset again about my Aunties dementia?

I could finally write the long, complicated history of my mother and where all that has lead me to in my life? The abuse I suffered? How it has made me feel about myself? I’ve been putting it off. It really is inevitable that I will write it one day. One day but not today.

Nope. Nothing. Blank. I guess I’ll just have to let the writer’s block subside but this was 350 words though.


Anything to add? Feel free.

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