Movie Review: X-Men Days Of Future Past


Something you might not know about me is, I am something of a movie buff as it turns out. It came as a surprise to me as I just assumed everyone had the kind of knowledge I did about films!

Anyway onwards with the review. No doubt those of you who waited for this have already gone and seen it. The rest of you might have escaped the hype and wonder if it is any good. The straight answer to that is quite simply…YES! It is a superhero movie with heart which is really quite rare.

Sure stuff gets blown up but the real action here is in the scenes between a past and future version of Professor Xavier. I found this scene especially wonderful. Acted superbly and delivered with an effortless that few could carry out. Patrick Stewart and, to a lesser extent, Ian McKellen steal this film.

Hugh Jackman is the muscle but has his own moments of triumph and heartache. Mainly his role here serves as a bridge between the past and future. It could also be argued that it is also to set up a future film of his own origins.

The rest of the cast handle their roles as well as you would expect from such a high calibre cast. Jennifer Lawrence is spell binding considering she is head to toe in blue paint and green contact lenses. As a young Magneto and Professor Xavier, McAvoy and Fassbender are almost a match for their elders. Ellen Page is Kitty Pride who, given a relatively small on screen role, is pivotal to the plot.

The film managed to shoehorn in loads of guests appearances and an assortment of mutant without it ever once feeling forced or unnecessary. There are shocks galore as the film comes to its final act. You can’t help but question the logic of a very intelligent man who has been told the future given a small event, only to then raise the stakes and assume a future in that world would be better.

All your old favourites are back and they throw in a few new ones. Storm has a limited role which, given her pregnancy, is inevitable. Also expect a few returns.

Anything to add? Feel free.

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