Rejection Is The Greatest Aphrodisiac


I am so sorry!

I have neglected you all terribly this past week. I have been full time on work and my heart wasn’t in it. The weather is boiling here and I have gotten through 4 (yes four) books!

I shall come back to you all soon with the second part of my Infected With Fat story and a few other surprises.

I shall leave you with news that I have now lost 7 stone and 5 pounds! That is 103 pounds for all you lovely American readers.

On the romance front…things got interesting…then intense…then weird! I shall be back with you all very soon.


Infected With Fat: Part 1


The moment I realised I wanted to, had to, do it was about this time last year. It was a complete fluke. A basic problem became a full emergency. Vomiting blood, ECG’s, intravenous antibiotics and uncontrollable shivering at 5am.

As we rushed to A&E all sorts went through my mind. I had had a bladder infection earlier in the week but the antibiotics had started working, though, the day before there was blood again in my urine. What could be wrong?

The hospital was only a mile away. I was panicking. I had never felt this way before and could not stop shaking. My teeth rattled in my mouth. My partner at the time was very good. He took control and helped me dress.

I’d made the mistake of taking a warm shower to try and warm up. The Nurse looked at me disapprovingly when I said this. I was rushed past waiting queues of people on a trolley to an area of the hospital that was right under an air conditioning unit. My temperature was dangerously high.

The infection was in my blood.

Daily Prompt: Rare Medium


Work, eat, hard not to cheat
Monotomy is not that good for me
Need a break
Trying hard to make
My life back into what is was

I’ve made it better, each day better
Whilst being true to me
It’s hard to go on
To let the show go on
Whilst paddling so hard beneath

Secrets kept and no respect
For where I might have been
I guess that I can only be
The change that I want
To see in me…

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I Don’t Even Know What To Say


I had to post this. I’m like a huge ball of joy that might burst at any given second.

Tonight I think I just found a potential soul mate. The best thing is I think he feels the same. He is a nice guy.

I shall keep you updated accordingly. It’s early days but he is sweet and kind. I can’t believe my luck.

You have no idea how this makes me feel. I reached the half way point in my weight loss today and now this has happened.

2014…is my year!

Daily Prompt: Familial Feasts


The great thing about this whole crazy situation that has happened in the last 6 months is I have gotten to spend lots more time with my Nan. I now live with her.

I would have dedicated a holiday to her 6 months ago and while we are still very close I can no longer call her a distant relative.

I would have to dedicate one to my Dad. No longer with us (you can’t get any more distant than that) sadly I think he should have his birthday as a holiday.

My Dad got few of the things he ever really wanted. He got me and he finally got himself a Jaguar car in the mid-nineties but apart from that he was extremely unlucky.

He lost his Dad at 13 and his mother in his late 20’s. He was in and out of jobs all his life with no formal education. His health was bad for about 10 years before he died and he didn’t deserve to suffer as he did.

On his birthday (April 19th) we can have a day where we all do something we have wanted to do for a long time. Tick one off the bucket list perhaps?

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