Diet Product Review: Xenical (Orlistat) 120mg


I decided to write this review now as I am giving serious thought to returning to the product to aid me with further weight loss. I have lost 6 stone on my own but I feel the loss is slowing and I need the boost. There are a lot of false accusations about the product as well on forums and I wanted to address some of them.

I first took Orlistat in 2008 and successfully lost 2 stone using the product. It removed around a third of the fat from the food that you eat and you harmlessly expel it in your excretions. This can be as a clear or
orange oil. You will find your stools become looser while on the product. Not massively but noticeably.

A lot of accusations are made about people soiling themselves. Let me be clear on this, the only times I ever soiled myself was when I was utterly stupid with the product. I once ate a pizza which must have had in excess of 30g of fat so no surprise that 10g of fat would come out without warning. The second time I consumed two croissants and I knew I was pushing the product to the limit. The end result was as expected.

I think the main cause for concern is you have no control over how and when the oil, in this large a volume, comes out. However the warnings are clear this should be taken with a low fat diet it is not a magic pill. If you stick to the rules and take the tablets you will not be constantly soiling yourself. Take a tablet with a pack of lard and you are asking for trouble however.

Available on prescription or for a cost of about £70 for a 30 day supply of 120 tablets. You take the product three times a day before meals. The tablet also comes in a lower 60mg dose. Taking more than one tablet at a time does not increase fat or weight loss.


Anything to add? Feel free.

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