Daily Prompt: Gone With The Windfall


A million dollars!? Can I not have the pound equivalent? It would be much more. Ok well great sadness about the Aunty I never knew but…oh well!

What would I do first? Buy a flat. Plain and simple. Then get a job near that flat (let’s be honest a million dollars is not enough to retire) and finish off learning to drive. Then buy a car. I used to think I would help friends and family but as I have gotten older I have come to realise that they would never return the favour if it were them.

After all of that I would then pay my way through university to complete a psychotherapy course. I would then travel the world in areas of great conflict or humanitarian crisis and help those children who would need therapy but otherwise have no chance of getting it. I would work in the UK in between doing that somehow. You have to have some money coming in.

I guess the remaining money could just sit and earn interest for my retirement. Nothing too ambitious here I’m afraid.

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