Daily Prompt: Living Art


Wow…left cold by this. I never really got “art”. I mean I get music, theatre, books and movies but not “static” art. If it came to life I wonder if I would feel differently about it. Could I care a bit more about it? Maybe I would have to look it in the face and it would see my indifference? So would I show interest in it then to mask my indifference like we do with so many people?

Art jumping out at us seems tedious. The world is abstract enough without that needing to happen. Eventually over time we would just become as numb to it happening as we do anything else in our lives, a novelty for the here and now but tomorrow an utter irrelevance. Also if it came to life would that not change the nature of what it is? It would have feelings and emotions. We might learn to hate the art we once loved.

Maybe I’m wrong in all of this and that really art coming to life is exactly what happens for most people in the museums and art galleries all around the world every single day. Perhaps it is only for me that art is really ever dead.

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