Anti-Social Media


I did it last night. I pulled the plug on my social media app accounts. I guess I should add that I don’t consider WordPress social media as such. I will also keep the HereStill Tumblr and Twitter accounts up and running. All my own personal social media app accounts have been deleted or closed. I had stopped posting pictures of myself for a long time on them. During the course of this weight loss I decided to refrain from adding to the, already horrendous, pool of photos of myself. So this morning when I got up and weighed as usual (2 pound lost!) I found my journey to work really hard. I kept going to the folders on my phone to open the social media apps that are no longer there.

Why did I do it I hear you ask? Well some of you may be aware of a video doing the rounds at the moment (it has been for well over a month now) in which a young guy points out through rhyme that we are all missing out on so much around us. That video didn’t especially move me. It’s a bit like using the Nuremburg rally to call for tolerance. I did however find that in one of my blog posts a little while ago that, essentially, I was agreeing with what he was saying. What better way to behave than to put into practice what you preach? So finally after a few days of wrestling with it I decided that it all had to go.

I wrote a little while back about the danger of the world we live in where the “selfie is king” and that meetings of chance are starting to disappear. I then caught Tyger Drew-Honey in his BBC 3 documentary series on Love last week. There is showed that even the people who used dating apps and found dates or partners were addicted to them. That you found this person who is good but…the next person could be so much better and only a few taps away. It was a wakeup call. I don’t want to be a part of that world. I don’t want to judge or be judged on appearance. I want to go out there and find the best person I can that feels right for me. If they happen to be tall, dark and handsome then all the better but really I just want to feel comfortable with someone else.

The wheels started to fall off my love of social media apps when I was being offered to pay for sex with students struggling to make their way or being offered all manner of quick and meaningless encounters. This is not who I am. I need to be careful not to condemn others for it but I am not going to compromise myself for anyone else. They even try and talk you into doing it. Imagine if someone tried to talk them into a life of chastity? They would go mental and rightly so. I found it especially sad that a profile making it clear I was not looking for these casual encounters was simply not read or ignored.

In the bigger scheme of things though, it strikes me as crazy that we meet friends for coffee and then sit there surfing these social media apps on our phones. What are we doing? How can it be that social media has made us less social? I personally feel if we are all honest with ourselves it is making us feel lonelier and even more insecure. When we are all alone and feel sad we reach for our phone and, in a desperate attempt for validation, we don’t care if we connect with either acquaintances or strangers. Our lives are slowly becoming reality TV for everyone’s consumption. What we ate, what we wear, who we see, what we see & even the entertainment we consume. We are slowly not only surrendering our privacy but throwing it away.

We have to halt these horrific changes that are occurring before we are living our lives as just another piece of disposable (social) media for mass consumption but ultimately as old as last season’s episodes.


Anything to add? Feel free.

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