Daily Prompt: Antique Antics


Crafted in a dusty market in India I was. The instructions from my owner were a dragon to be carved into the lid of the box. The man ordering my creation was taking advice from the crafter. There would be animals, no, prey carved in between my snake like body. I would become three dimensional as I was carved into the walnut my body rising and sinking into the wood.

My interior was merely felt material but I hoped it would not alter my new owners perception of me. I was not cheap. Inside my lid would be carved a dragons head. Compartments were fitted into me. Hinges were fixed and a key hole was placed upon me. I was placed in bubble wrap and carried to a hotel. The man stood watching me throughout the carving offering suggestions. He was a middle man. My real owner was thousands of miles away.

All around my exterior flowers and shapes were carved into me. After the Indian market worker finished working on me I was inspected. Money was exchanged for me and I was to fly from India to England. I was squeezed into a suitcase. I was incredibly heavy. Upon reaching my destination I was presented to my new owner, still in my bubble wrap. He was a boy but was delighted with me. The middle man, who I discovered was the boy’s father, pointed out the animals and retold the story of my creation.

Over the next few years the boy lost my key. He had left me unlocked to I still retained my function. He never forgot that I was a gift from the father he loved. I last saw the father long before he died. I spent the next 11 years being shuffled around in different moves and never really being admired. More recently the boy has rediscovered me and even went looking for a twin, albeit smaller, box to accompany me.

During the 11 years I sat unadmired I held the possessions of the other most important man in the boy’s life. He too is gone now. I feel for the boy. It has been hard for him and I watched him make a lot of mistakes. The boy is now a man of course, I still look at him as a boy though like his father always did.

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