Daily Prompt: Verbal Ticks


‘Ya’ Know”

All three are verbal ticks of mine but what I really wanted to throw into this was about real ticking.

I met someone who has gone on to become a really good friend in February this year. He suffers with ticks.

When a few weeks into being his friend I enquired politely about them he told me that his family all tell him to stop because it will stop him getting a job and it “looks weird”.

As most people know, getting rid of them can be really hard. Almost to criticise someone for them is unkind and unfair. My question to him was purely out of interest. I think it makes him unique and special.

He told me that one day he was reading a book about someone he admired (who had ticks) and just decided he should adopt one. So now he has and he seems perfectly happy with it…but well…ya’ know it draws attention!

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