An Explanation


I feel as though I owe you all an explanation for my absence.

When I started this blog I did so knowing that I was in a really bad place in my life. My relationship had ended, I was jobless, morbidly obese and frankly on occasions suicidal.

2014 was going to be my year of salvation (hopefully) and this blog would chart that.

Through weekly therapy sessions (sometimes twice weekly) I shared with you all my current pain and the pain of my upbringing. As the weeks and months went by I found myself becoming more and more honest with you all.

In amongst all of that we shared restaurant reviews, movie reviews, product reviews, quotes and interesting websites.

I took photos of the places I went and shared them for you all to enjoy. You always responded with likes and shares.

Last week when I went to therapy it was decided that we would reduce the sessions to fortnightly. In the meantime my romantic life has come on leaps and bounds. I have possibilities ahead of me that I never dreamed possible. I owe it all to my therapist and for the first time I can admit, myself.

In news that hopefully will please you all even more I have now lost 114 pounds in weight. I have shared my photos with the world on forums and my social media.

The whole point of writing this post is to tell you that, sadly, this blog must come to an end. It is no longer about being Here Still. I am more than here I am alive and loving life. I want to launch a new blog with more insight into weight loss and exercise. I will still continue to get on my soap box and I will always share photos with you all.

Keep your eyes on this blog for more news and until then…here is me in my old clothes over 8 stone lighter!

Respect, love & gratitude,



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