Restaurant Review: Caesars Arms


A friend and myself dined here on a Saturday in May 2014. There is a large car park for the restaurant so parking is readily available. Other than that the restaurant is pretty isolated just outside of Church Village/Trefforest in South Wales. The village it is located in is called Creigiau.


Opposite the restaurant (which admittedly looks like a pub from the exterior) is a farm. The restaurant is now a little bit dated inside. The main grilling area is in the dining area. You can watch your meat being cooked. I choose mushroom soup to start and my friend had the oysters. The soup was priced at £4.95 and the Oysters were £1.50 each.


The soup was not memorable. Standard mushroom soup with blended mushroom and a fairly thick consistency. No bread was served with it. My friend said his oysters were fantastic and very fresh. They were served with lemon and Tabasco. My friend chose lamb in gravy for his main and I opted for ribeye steak.


Now I love steak so seeing it before being cooked and then seeing it prepared was a nice touch but sadly the end result was completely lacking in flavour. The French mustard was requested to try and add some flavour. My friend by contrast loved his lamb which was very rare as requested. I’m starting to wonder if I am just hard to please? Finally he opted for a summer fruit dessert which he said was ok. I declined dessert due to my diet.

In all my meal came to £25 as the steak was £18 (I believe the lamb was around the same price). All desserts were £5.95. I would recommend the restaurant for the service as this was impeccable and staff made it clear they were there to help any way they could. They were always polite and helpful. It is worth going if you are a lover of fresh fish would be my suggestion as this certainly seemed to be their speciality. There was no pork option on the menu and only one chicken and one lamb dish.



Restaurant Review: Bosphorus (Cardiff Bay)


A friend and myself dined here on a Saturday afternoon in May 2014. It was used several times, in 2005, for an episode of Doctor Who.

I ate from the lunch menu which included two courses for £9.95. I choose for the starter stuff vine leaves which were nice enough. Served with a small salad and dressing. I couldn’t help but feel the leaves were drowning in oil. They were served with a delicious bread called Pide.

My fellow diner had lamb shank served with roasted vegetables and a creamy mash. He enjoyed his dish and the large portion didn’t seem to bother him much.

My main was a shish kebab of both lamb and chicken. Served with white rice, salad and a small square of flat bread. I couldn’t help but feel the portion was a little on the small side and the absence of sauce made the dish very dry. The meat was good quality however. The rice was uninteresting. The bread was oily and too little to be of much mention.

The restaurant offers great views over the bay should you choose to sit outside. The obvious downside is that people smoke in this area. In all the location is great and the food, for my taste, was average.


Restaurant Review: Grape & Olive (Swansea)pp


A friend and myself dined here on a lunch time in May 2014. The restaurant is located on the 28th floor of Meridian Tower in Swansea.

The tower is the tallest building in Wales and offers amazing views out over the city & the sea. The lunch menu was £11 for two courses or £14 for 3 courses. The steaks, grills and seafood ranged from £11 to £24. Starters were around £6.50.

Entry to the restaurant can be a challenge with just a single lift giving access to the three levels that the restaurant is on. There is a separate function floor beneath the main dining area where the toilets are also located. The restaurant itself is finished to a very high standard with glass and wood being the main materials. Tables are a simple enough with one or two being at awkward angles and a little bit crammed in.

My friend ordered off the main menu and I went for the lunch menu. I was served an asparagus and stilton soup to start. The soup was unusual and very thick with asparagus. The salty stilton worked very well with the asparagus. I felt the bread served with the dish was a little stale.

My main was chicken with leek and garlic potatoes. The chicken was very tasty and cooked to perfection. It was moist and took up the flavour of the leek, gravy and potato very well. My only complaint was that the serving of the leek and potato were not generous.

My friend had a duck and apricot terrine to start and lobster tail with garlic butter and chips for main. He described the food as good but not fantastic.

In summary the views are stunning
and well worth price of coffee alone (they cater for people who just want to do this) however it is not an excellent meal but a satisfactory one.

Website: Grape & Olive